Natural Capital Summit 2016

The Natural Capital Summit was launched with the objective to raise awareness on natural capital thinking and opportunities associated to natural capital mainstreaming into organisations. The conference also showed key initiatives that are being developed internationally and business case studies from different sectors that served as an inspiration to others to better account nature in their strategies.

"Towards a sutainable management and use of natural resources"

 The first Natural Capital Summit was co-organised in Madrid in October 2016 by Ecoacsa, Fundación Conama and Fundación Global Nature. The event focused on introducing the concept of natural capital, adapting it to the Spanish reality and informing on the most outstanding international initiatives, both from the business perspective and at the country level.

The event brought together pioneer experts, companies, administrations and entities from the third sector and natural capital management frontrunners who shared success experiences on the sustainable use of natural resources. Attendees were able to see first hand the barriers and challenges associated with natural capital mainstreaming into business strategies, as well as the opportunities found by organisations that have already taken the first steps in this field.

The Summit featured more than national and international 50 speakers who provided a comprenhensive overview on the emerging natural capital sector, including and update on the European framework, and useful tools and innovation opportunities to businesses. In addition, the conference highlighted the role of public administrations and third sector entities as key contributors to the introduction and development of appropriate resource management initiatives.

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