Natural Capital Summit 2018

As in the 2016 edition, the Natural Capital Summit 2018 program reserved specific spaces for those who entered for the first time in contact with natural capital approaches. Case studies were discussed in order to illustrate how natural capital approaches provide solutions that guarantee natural ecosystems long-term conservation and good health, as well as adaptation and mitigation to climate change

"Working on the ground"

Global challenges

Through innovative examples inspired by natural capital approaches, the international conference provides professionals from different sectors -both public and private- a unique forum to discuss and learn from others experience how to face ongoing and emerging global commitments

Multi-sector exchange

Business leaders from different sectors share their experience on how natural capital approaches provide valuable information about impacts and dependencies on nature derived from their business operations

The second edition of the Natural Capital Summit addressed critical issues for business sector related to the environmental aspect of sustainability.

Topics discussed provided attendees with an interesting overview that enabled them to determine whether they are in a position to compete in the market and contribute to the progress towards achieving their objectives in line with global commitments o not.




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